COMBO PDmovie Live Air 2 (Focus) + Rig Air + Lens Gear Ring

339.00 excl. BTW

Combo Deal includes:

  • Must-have for solo shooters, the LIVE AIR is the culmination of PDMOVIE’s innovation in wireless focus control. Now truly wireless and boasting removable batteries, the LIVE AIR is the perfect tool for fast, precise focus pulling. Using a universal attachment clamp, it is incredibly easy to mount onto your rig and integrate into your workflow!
  • The PDMOVIE RIG AIR is a versatile half cage, it fits most DSLR cameras and Mirrorless cameras. It is equipped with an abundance of mounting points for accessories, like follow focus, monitors, microphones and even on camera lights etc.
  • PDMOVIE Adjustable Lens Gear Ring