PDMOVIE Live Air 2S (focus)

399.00 excl. BTW

LIVE AIR 2 has a perfect battery life system, wide range of controlling, stable data transmission and strong drive capability. LIVE AIR 2 can control the lens precisely.


100-Meter Control Distance

The more advanced data technology makes the bluetooth transmission distance increase by 10 times, and the PDL-AFP linear control distance can reach 100 meters.

Multi-Degree Installation, more flexible

The controller can be clamped on a 15-32mm tube for different equipment, such as a stabilizer, steadicam, shoulder frame, rocker arm, tripod etc.

High Torque and strong power

In adition to longer endurance, the most important thing is that its torque and power are directly increased by 20%. The response is faster and the latency is lower.

One Button One Lamp

The functions of LIVE AIR 2 includes automatic/manual calibration, remove the lens stroke, restore the lens stroke when power off and so on. It can complete several instructions by pressing one button. The indicator can visually display the current state of the motor or controller, like the color display of residual power.

IOS APP, Automatic push pull

The APP can directly can directly control the motor, turn on the automatic running function, which can create a smooth zoom effect.

25% Reduction in volume and 35% Reduction in Size

The new Motor Mini has been reduced by 25% and 35% in size and weight. More lighter and more easier to install.

Quick Battery Replacement

Both the controller and the motor use the Li42B 3.7V 600mAh battery.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The controller is powered by 1 battery for 10 hours. The motor is powered by 2 batteries for 6 hours. Normal use for 15 Hours.

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