PDMOVIE REMOTE AIR PRO 3 (PD4-S1) Wireless Lens Control

759.00 excl. BTW


The Next Generation of the REMOTE AIR PRO series has been completely reimagined into a highly flexible and professional wireless follow focus system with major improvements over the previous generation. It has a 75mm diameter large follow control handwheel which is more suitable for the palm-size or gloved operator to control the focus. It also does not have any grip restrictions, meaning it can be easily attached to the included handle or mounted on any handle, monitor, or arm which has a standard 1/4-20 mount. The re-imagined controller allows you to mount any 1/4-20 accessories to it including a monitor and Blitz wireless video receiver, all while maintaining the center of gravity close to the handle. The focus controller contains a built-in LED light which allows you to see your custom markings during low light situations.

  • 2.4G Wireless Remote(PD4-HT)*1
  • Master motor torque 1.2Nm(PD-RP)*1
  • General Handle *1
  • LI42B Battery(3.7V 600mAh 2.2Wh)*3 Usb Charger Divided into four  *  1
  • USB Charging Cable(Micro usb)*1
  • USB Charging Cable0.9M(6pin)*1
  • D-Tap Power Cable0.7M(6pin) *1
  • 15mm-19mm AdapterRing*1 Marking Disk*4
  • Lanyard*1 Hard case*1
  • Hex Spanners *2
  • 1/4 Screws *4
  • Long antenna*1
  • Short antenna*1
  • Lens Gear ring *2

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